Ruzawi School

Weekly Academic Awards

  Merits and Efforts - Week Ending Friday 14th June 2019  
  Gr Name Reason Gr Name Reason  
  1 William Rinke Super effort in writing this week 1 Ayanda Chigwedere Always being kind and helpful to her friends in class  
  2 Josh Hopgood Amazing reading this week 2 Amy Chimuka Trying harder to work faster  
  Caleb Meikle Cool calculating in Maths  
  3BB Tendai Machokoto So diligent in her Maths! 3BB Jayden Goosen His work is always neat and well presented  
  3B Issy Charters Fantastic effort in her English sentences 3B Miley Joyce Continued effort in all her work. Lovely presentation too!  
  4M Admire Ushehokunze Better mental test results this week 4M Kumbirai Matemura Much improved reading  
  4B Fin Mogensen All his help with teaching his peers to tell the time 4B James van Heerden Working so hard at telling the time  
  5B Amy Barry Working to her best all the time 5B Ruda Midzi Great effort at all she does  
  5G Callum Scott-Elliot Super mental maths scores all term! 5G Adon Odendaal Using good common sense  
  6A - - 6A Tyler Chapman Fantastic imaginative myths  
  Laura Chiperesa  
  6B Courtney Wilson Super efforts in both Maths and English 6B Alex Meikle Super Maths result!  
  7A Kundai Paradza Ruzawi's budding Sylvia Plath 7A Munatsi Gutu Great effort in his poetry writing  
  7B Nathan Stone For doing very well in symmetrical lines. 7B Jayden Roberts For soldiering on even when faced with a challenge  
  Musician of the week: Tanatswa Magaya    
  Chorister of the week: Kara Exton    


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