Ruzawi School

Weekly Academic Awards

Merits and Efforts for Week Ending Friday 8th November 2019
Merits   Efforts
Grade Name Reason   Grade Name Reason
1 Declan Stanger Fantastic writing this week   1 Charice Mudhikwa Big improvement in all her work
  Kuziva Chakona Awesome story about ducks
2 Marco Ettlin Fantastic maths results this week   2 Mariska Raath Trying hard in her spelling
  Amy Chimuka Learning her play words well
3BB James Hosack Amazing poem on "The Eagle"   3BB Coral Hofmeyr A fantastic week in the classroom
3B Caleb Mashungu Careful thinking, planning and execution   3B Kunashe Chakona For making a pleasing effort with his maths prep
4M Ben Mukandi For his keen interest and enthusiastic participation at Imire   4M Katie Charters For her intelligent observations at the pole yard
4B       4B Kieran Thompson For their interest and enthusiasm at Imire
  James Hove
5B Caitlin Wroe A consistently hard worker, especially in English   5B William McKinlay Trying very hard to learn difficult spellings
5R Jess Barry For such a positive attitude in everything she does   5R Adon Odendaal An amazing improvement in his reading. A reading champ!
6A Batsi Nyawo Super spelling results and great effort in reading   6A Mia Fletcher Awesome effort in all areas of work - especially reading
6B Nevimbo Mujaranji Splendid spelling results   6B Alyson Ziyanga For her thoughtful contribution to our Comprehension
7A Whole of Gr7 Enthusiastic participation in Lifeskills   7A    
7B   7B    


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