Ruzawi School

Weekly Academic Awards

Merits and Efforts for Week Ending Friday 20th March 2020
Merits   Efforts
Grade Name Reason   Grade Name Reason
1 Tashamiswa Nyagura Beautiful reading   1 Zachary Stockil So enthusiastic about reading his words
2 Jayden Thompson Fantastic story about an insect   2 Declan Stanger Improved reading
Matida Nhema  
3BB Adrianna Zhanda Consistently producing work of a high standard   3BB William Swemmer Excellent effort learning how to tell the time
3S All A fantastic term of hard word and laughter   3S -  
4M All An amazing outdoor week   4M -  
4B Sammy Howson Enjoying and making the most of our Outdoor Week   4B Rufaro Jakanani Making the most of Outdoor Week and putting great effort into documenting it
5B All x 2     5B Carl Magutakuona Trying hard to improve handwriting
  Admire Ushehokunze Trying to finish work on time
5R Minerva Bunhu Super work all term. Keep it up!   5R Blaise Fouche Trying hard with learning her time
6A Cathy Chatira For both working to a lovely, pleasing standard of work   6A -  
Zoe Munikwa  
6B Daniel Froude Working to a high standard in all areas   6B Tafara Makoni Good week - capped off with a masterful display as a fisherman!
7A Owen Chimuka An academic turnaround worthy of a ferris wheel   7A Kara Exton Stupendous story telling
7B - -   7B ALL For Chapel


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