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Ruzawi was established in 1928 by joint founders, Canon Robert Grinham and Mr Maurice Carver, as a preparatory boarding school for boys. It became co-educational from January 2003 and accepts boys and girls aged from 6 to 12 years. It is an Anglican Diocesan school (but welcomes children from all faiths) with a pupil population ranging from 205 to 220 depending on the balance of boys and girls and the number of pupils in each age group. In the Infants' Department there is one class each for Grade One and Grade Two. An additional entry point at Grade Three enables there to be two classes from that level up to Grade 7. Classes are loosely streamed into ability groups (with some overlapping) from the beginning of Grade 5.

The School is situated some five kilometres south of Marondera at an elevation of some 1830m above sea level. It stands in extensive grounds surrounded by many hectares of indigenous miombo woodland and exotic eucalyptus plantations giving the School an ideal rural environment. The climate is bracing, healthy and malaria free.

Dear Parents,It is difficult to believe that half term is already upon us. We have had a very wet, exciting and successful first half of the term. All children will be coming home with their mark orders and I hope that many of you had an opportunity to look at your children's books at the Open Day on Thursday. We continue to strive for excellence in the classroom and again I urge you to contact Mrs Reed if you have any questions or concerns on academic matters. One of the many highlights for the children this term was the "Fun in the Sun" closed weekend and the pictures in the RUZNews tell their own story - thank you for your support with this initiative. The staff have had a busy term and together with their normal duties, have enjoyed and been involved in a communication course that has been enlightening, rewarding and very amusing. Enjoy half term, and for those travelling, be careful on the roads.Paul Davi

The Ginham Carver Trust was founded in 1978 by the Ruzawi Old Boys Association on the occasion of its 25th anniversary and in honour of the School's founders - Robert Grinham and Maurice Carver.

The basic objectives of the Trust are to secure funds for use by the School in capital projects; however, the funds would be loaned to the School on a commercial basis as a revolving fund. In addition the funds could be used either on a commercial basis, or by way of grant, to assist former old boys principally in the education of their children at Ruzawi, but also for further education purposes. Trustees being members of the Ruzawi Old Boys Association will control the fund.

It is hoped that by holding large funds in this, the Trust will be able to assist the School whenever capital projects are required, thus enabling the School to get on with what it does best teaching our children.

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